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by Fun Little Toys

Spooky Slap Bracelets

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Wrap around the Spooky Slap Bracelets this Halloween holiday

The Spooky Slap Bracelets from Fun Little Toys packs 78 slap bracelets decorated with unique and vibrantly-colored designs. These timeless toys make for an exciting and entertaining experience anywhere you go, and after the slapping fun is finished, these slap bracelets for kids can be used as an awesome accessory. Whether you’re throwing a party at school or just wanting to surprise the family with some fashionable fun, the Spooky Slap Bracelets is the perfect product, promising laughter and entertainment for hours.

  • Slap and Laugh: This Slap Bracelet Set from Pop Fun holds 72 slap bracelets for kids with a variety of vibrant coloration
  • Enjoyment Anywhere: These slap bracelets for kids offer a level of portable entertainment that might otherwise be unreachable
  • Awesome Party Favors: If you’re going to be throwing a party, or even attending one, look no further than the Slap Bracelet Set from Pop Fun! Holding over 70 silly slap bracelets, you can give one or two to each your esteemed guests without any issue
  • Designed for Comfort: Each slap bracelet measures out to around 8.46” inches in length, making them aptly-sized for wrists of any size
  • Slap Safely: Promising playtime to be a peaceful experience for parents and a pleasant one for children, each bracelet is made from 100% Safe, Non-Toxic vinyl  material that has both met and exceeded US Toy Safety Standards
  • Unit Size and Unit Weight9.13*2.36*1.46[inch] & 1.32[lbs]