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by Fun Little Toys

Swimming Diving Pool Set for Kids 34 Pcs


Underwater Diving Pool Toys for Kids

The Underwater Diving Toys Set from Fun Little Toys packs 30 pieces of pool time excitement: 4 Plummet Poles, 3 Bottom Balls, 3 Sunken Seahorses, 3 Sea RIngs, 3 Dive Discs, 3 Swimmin-Fishes, and 8 Pirate Treasures. These pool toys for kids provide an exciting avenue for little swimmers to hone and develop essential skills necessary for safe, comfortable, and entertaining pool time play.

Features of the Diving Pool Set

  • 34 Diving Toys: The Pool Dive Toys includes 4 Diving Sticks, 3 diving fish, 3 diving balls,2 octopus, 4 torpedo, 4 coins, 6 pirate accessories, and 8 gems. With its wide variety and bright colors, this dive toy set is the perfect summer gift for boys, girls, adults, and swim instructors.
  • Best Choice: The swimming pool dive toys set is not limited to swimming pools, but can also be placed on the bathtub, beach, sand, and carpet for children to play, it’s a great way for children to learn object recognition, stimulate hands-on skills, and enhance intelligence.
  • Provides a Sense of Achievement: Our diver toys are suitable for children of all ages to train their swimming skills. The rich styles and colors increase children's interest in actively learning to dive and exploring the wonders of the water, kids will love getting their dive toys out from underwater and it will give them a sense of accomplishment, so let the children enjoy these diving items.
  • Playstyle Variations: Our variety of pool toys for kids sink at different speeds, and the torpedo toy is the fastest! Kids can dive in and grab them before they fall to the bottom of the water. You can also scatter all the water toys for kids into(in) the water, and kids can dive in to play treasure hunt games, whoever collects the most treasures wins.
  • Safe and Durable: These pool toys for kids are made from high-quality materials and meet the safety requirement of ASTM. These pool dive toys have no sharp parts, so you don't have to worry about kids hurting themselves while playing. If you have any questions or concerns about the safety of swim toys, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Ultimate Underwater Adventure Set: The pool Diving Toys Set from PopFun comes packed with 34 pieces of diving fun for everybody in the pool this summer
  • Develop Skills for Swimming: These pool toys for kids provide an entertaining way to hone and develop essential skills for young swimmers and seasoned divers alike.
  • Setting Up Playtime Your Way: PopFun’s underwater toys allow the player the creative freedom to play in a variety of ways
  • Vibrantly-Colored, Easy to Spot: This collection of underwater diving toys comes decorated with a dazzling array of bright colors
  • Safety First: Each piece of the Underwater Diving Toys Set is made from premium-quality plastic