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by Fun Little Toys

Terrifying Witch

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Halloween Decorations

Look and see the Terrifying Witch for haunted Halloween holiday joy

Fun Little Toys just made this holiday season a lot more fun with this classically freaky witch around. In the spooky, recognizable style of a Terrifying Witch, this fun hanging decoration is going to make the nights of your guests this Halloween. Don’t miss out on this dazzling decoration that reminds friends and family what the holiday’s all about. Don’t be frightened when a bright red glow emanates from the sorceress’ eyes! Beyond that, watch as she laughs and stares menacingly throughout the night. Standing at 65” inches in height, friends and family are promised to feel the excitement when the Witch interacts with them as someone walks by.

  • Hanging Out All Around: The Terrifying Witch standing 65" inches in height straight from the woods of the freakiest fables is floating all around, looking for a place to frighten friends
  • Animatronic Excitement: This Halloween hanging witch is easy to excite. That’s right – it’s animatronic! Bound to bring fright & delight wherever it decides to hang out that night
  • Glowing & Ghoulish: Halloween hanging decorations don’t always shine, but this freaky friend lights up the night with eyes that glow and flash bright, red lights from its sorceress's eyes
  • Effortless Assembly: The Terrifying Witch makes for an easy time when decorating for the festivities. Designed with a simple lanyard system, pick up the lightweight and portable decoration and hang it from any hook
  • Built to Last: This Witch hanging decoration represents classic spooky season festive fun. Bearing classic wicked witch attire that’s sure to delight
  • Unit Size and Unit Weight14.17*8.66*5.91[inch] & 1.55[lbs]