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by Fun Little Toys

Thanksgiving Pin the Hat Game


This modern twist on the classic party game is the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving gathering, fostering laughter, joy, and friendly competition among all ages.

The game set includes a large, vibrant poster of a tailless turkey, beautifully designed with rich autumn colors. It measures 27.5"x22", ideal for an eye-catching wall decoration as well as a game target. The set also provides 12 reusable, self-adhesive turkey tail feathers, each distinctively patterned so every player can identify their own.

Designed to be easy yet engaging, the Tailfeathers Turkey game includes a soft, comfortable blindfold that fits both kids and adults. Instructions for the game are also enclosed, ensuring a seamless setup.

Whether you're looking to bring the family together or need a lively ice-breaker for guests, our Tailfeathers Turkey: Thanksgiving Pin the Tail Game guarantees a memorable holiday celebration. Let the games begin!