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by Fun Little Toys

Thanksgiving-themed Rubber Duckies


Bring some quacky fun to your Thanksgiving celebration with our Festive Fowl Thanksgiving Rubber Duckies! These adorable holiday-themed duckies are set to make a splash at your family gathering, providing both decoration and entertainment.

This set includes 12 uniquely designed rubber duckies, each approximately 2 inches tall. The delightful characters include pilgrim ducks, native ducks, turkey ducks, and even a pumpkin duck, each one adorned in vibrant, festive colors.

Made from high-quality, non-toxic rubber, these duckies are not just cute but also safe for children. They are designed to float in water, making them perfect companions for bath time fun or as table decorations.

The Festive Fowl Thanksgiving Rubber Duckies promise to add an element of surprise and joy to your holiday festivities. Whether given as gifts, used for a fun-filled game, or simply displayed as part of your Thanksgiving decor, these charming rubber duckies are sure to bring a smile to everyone's face.