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by Fun Little Toys

The Snow Fort Construction Kit

$20.95 $31.95

The Snow Fort Construction Kit Brings You Laugh and Joy Winter Long

Blizzard of Fun: The Snow Fort Construction Kit is a must-have for your little ones wishing to maximize their experience of white winter weather. This kit includes 4 unique pieces of snow-fortress making capability making storage a snap. Build a fortress with your freetime in the snow with the Snow Fort Construction Kit from Fun Little Toys.

Features of the Snow Fort Construction Kit 

  • Whether the Weather: From the snowy slopes to the sandy shores, this kit is sure to add an element of fortress-fun to a variety of environments. Whether the weather, your kids can fill up the mold with snow or sand, snap it together, and your fortress is on its way to becoming your greatest fort yet! Your kids will definitely want to bring the Snow Fort Construction Kit with them next time you are hitting the slopes, so why not bring it along when you’re surfing the shoreline!

  • Choose Your Shape: Customization and variety is the name of the game with this kit. Using any of our pre-shaped molds, little ones of all ages will have a blast creating the fortress from their imagination. Let your child unlock even more of their natural creativity with the shaping shovels; crafting a play-moat around their fortress, modifying the fortress itself, or making something entirely of their own design.

  • Effortless Engagement: Playing around in the snow and the sand sometimes comes with its own set of obstacles, so you can rest in the knowledge that the Snow Fort Construction Kit was designed with ease-of-play in mind. Load it up, snap it together, and your snow-fortress is ready to roll. We guarantee that your little ones will find hours of entertainment to be a snap! 

  • Worry-Free Warranty: Here at Fun Little Toys, we value our customers and wish to make your purchasing experience as enjoyable as possible. Offering a Worry-Free 90-Day Warranty with this product, we can guarantee your kids entertainment alongside promising you peace of mind. Contact the seller if you have any comments, questions, or concerns and we’ll be happy to help.