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by Fun Little Toys

Tiny Blocks and Shops Building Blocks for Kids

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Create Your Own City with the 
Tiny Blocks N' Tiny Shops

The Tiny Blocks N' Tiny Shops from Fun Little Toys feature 4 Street Shops building blocks which display bold, bright and varied colors alongside 763 Play Blocks. Hop into your very own town full of shops including the Amazing Cake Shop, the Shiny Shoes Store, the Big Blue Supermarket, and the Bustlin' Coffee Bistro. Each of the adorable play stores include illustrated instructions alongside of them, making for a playtime that's as effortless as it is enjoyable. Create a world of your own with the Tiny Blocks N' Tiny Shops bundle on PopFun.

Enjoy an experience of brand new kids building toy entertainment

  • 4-in-1 Snack Shop Fun: This set provides an exciting playset filled with 1..2..3..4 exciting building toys for kids
  • Easy, Breezy Assembly: Fun Little Toys has made sure to provide an easy-to-follow instructional manual along with every buy. Each Snack Shop comes individually wrapped with their own unique instructional illustrations, making setup a snap
  • Premium Quality: Each of these blocks are sourced from high quality ABS plastic, offering peace of mind when it comes to the question of what’s inside
  • Perfectly Sized Playset: Prepare to be dazzled by the dimensions of these mini building blocks. Magically measured at approximately 4.3” inches long, 2.8” inches wide, and 4.1” inches high
  • Delightful Dining Design:  Each piece is vibrantly colored, captivating little one’s attention at playtime and offering Kid Builders 4 pieces to proudly show-off, anytime