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by Fun Little Toys

Toy Police Cars

$24.95 $32.95

Fun Little Toys Presents
Toy Police Cars with Lights and Sirens

Toy Police Cars


Pull back the car, release, and watch the toy police car zoom at high speeds! Wow your friends and the entire family. The set features 12 police cars at 3” inches of length each. Each vehicle is die-cast style and crafted with premium quality. 


Toy Police Cars


Open the carrier truck to unleash multiple police vehicles: the Hailstorm Police Chopper, Sea Siren Vehicle, Armored SWAT Truck, and more! This carrier truck provides convenience for clean up and all things organization. 


Toy Police Cars


Enjoy its realistic effects: You can activate flashing lights to show bystanders you’re prepared to serve the city. In just one easy press of the button, you're hear the siren wail throughout the entire town.


  • 12-in-1 Fun: 12 police cars in 1 cop carrier truck making for 12-in-1 fun.

  • Fully Functional: The police carrier truck comes installed with fully functional lights and sirens.

  • Simply Powered: The only requirement to get these police car toys functioning are 3 AA Batteries, not included in the purchase.

  • When I Grow Up...: Fun Little Toys designed these police vans for kids to explore different passions, roles, and occupations.

  • Easy Storage:  These toy police transport cars can be stored in a flash with the snap-on cover in the carrier truck.