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by Fun Little Toys

Underwater Diving Toys Set

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Get the ultimate underwater experience with these diving toys

The Underwater Diving Toys Set from Fun Little Toys packs 30 pieces of pooltime excitement: 4 Plummet Poles, 3 Bottom Balls, 3 Sunken Seahorses, 3 Sea RIngs, 3 Dive Discs, 3 Swimmin-Fishes, and 8 Pirate Treasures. These pool toys for kids provide an exciting avenue for little swimmers to hone and develop essential skills necessary for safe, comfortable, and entertaining pooltime play.

  • Ultimate Underwater Adventure Set: The pool Diving Toys Set from PopFun comes packed with 30 pieces of sunken-fun for everyone in the pool this summer
  • Develop Skills for Swimming: These pool toys for kids provide an entertaining way to hone and develop essential skills for young swimmers and seasoned divers alike.
  • Setting Up Playtime Your Way: PopFun’s underwater toys allows the player the creative freedom to play in a variety of ways
  • Vibrantly-Colored, Easy to Spot: This collection of underwater diving toys comes decorated with a dazzling array of bright colors
  • Safety First: Each piece in the Underwater Diving Toys Set is made from premium-quality plastic