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by Fun Little Toys

Wind Up Flipping Toys

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Get winding with the Wind Up Flipping Toys on Fun Little Toys

The Wind Up Flipping Toys from Fun Little Toys provides a set of wind-up toys anyone could get behind. An exciting collection of 12 Wind-Up Toys with easy-crank technology built into each piece. Wind them up, watch them walk, slide, bob their head, hop, and even flip. Simple to use, and entertaining to watch, delight yourself in the Wind Up Flipping Toys today. Included alongside the collection are 12 Treasure Eggs to be used during the holidays, or as a fun off-season surprise. 

  • Delightful Dozen: This wind-up toy set includes a dozen hand-crank toys to enjoy
  • Cute Collection: Each playing piece bears cute designs and wonderful, bright colors
  • Multi-Use Gift: Give these out as a classroom gift or simply allow your little one to enjoy each piece in the fun dozen
  • Variety of Tricks: Animal characters that perform a variety of tricks, from walking, bobbing, flipping, and jumping
  • In-Season or Out: Enjoy the Wind Up Flipping Toys in-season or out