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by Fun Little Toys

Early Learner Wooden Construction Puzzle

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Presenting the early learner wooden construction puzzle from Fun Little Toys

The Early Learner Wooden Construction Puzzle from Fun Little Toys offers your toddler an endlessly-entertaining early learning experience. Featuring a wooden board decorated with 9 pegs and containing 26 unique wooden blocks, your little one will have a blast creating any given letter in the alphabet, numbers 0-9, and shapes. This product makes certain that your child will gain mastery of the alphabet with a smile on their face! Smooth, rounded edges keep playtime a safe experience for little ones and a stress-free experience for parents. The board is perfectly sized for little children to interact with, measuring roughly 7” inches x 7” inches x 1.3” inches.


  • 26 Wonderfully Smooth Wooden Play Blocks
  • 9 Smooth Pegs On A Wooden Board For Kid Learner Creation
  • A Variety of Exciting Ways To Learn The Alphabet, Numbers 0-9, And Shapes
  • Premium Quality Playtime Material
  • Guaranteed Safe For Early Learners