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by Fun Little Toys

Wooden Ring Toss Set

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The Classic Game Has Come To Fun Little Toys! Introducing Fun Little Toy's Wooden Ring Toss Set!

The Wooden Ring Toss Set is going to make family games a regular thing. That’s guaranteed! This ring toss game makes easy and breezy indoor and outdoor games for family-wide entertainment - packed with 5 Ring Ropes sporting a bright variety of colors and premium quality design. The goal is simple - pick your color and do your best to toss it onto the matching partner peg crafted on the Wooden Base. Haven’t settled on the arena for this next-level family entertainment? No problem - this product proudly holds unparalleled portability! Fire up the fun in the family room or the backyard; let the games begin at the beach or by the benches at your local park. The choice is yours, but one thing’s for sure - the Wooden Ring Toss Set has nothing but fun in store.

  • 5 Rope Rings, 2 Wooden Base Markers, And 5 Wood Points  
  • 5 Different Ways to Score On Beautiful & Bright Colors
  • Eco-Friendly Playset That's Made From Primarily Renewable Resources
  • Premium Quality Product That'll Last From Season To Season
  • Lightweight, Portable, And Easy To Setup