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by Fun Little Toys

Zombie Lawn Butler

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Take care of Halloween stylings with the Zombie Lawn Butler

Decorated with a terrifyingly realistic Halloween zombie face, these Halloween lawn decorations are going to fill the land with a fun amount of fright. Watch on in terror as this exciting animatronic gazes on passersby, filling them with festively fun haunted holiday amusement. The undead butler shakes his freaky head from left to right while flashing bright white from his lifeless eyes. Don’t stare into them for too long, as he just might pull you in. The Halloween zombie especially thrives at night, so don’t be afraid to set him out on the lawn for longer periods of time. Not forgoing spooky style even in the realm of the dead, the Zombie Lawn Butler from Fun Little Toys represents the most fashionable freaked friend in town. Using the stakes, plug this scary fiend into any soft soil around your front yard. 

  • Classically Creepy: The Zombie Lawn Butler from Fun Little Toys makes for classic & creepy Halloween lawn decorations for your home this season
  • Haunted Animatronic: Watch as this undead butler shakes his head from left to right and flashes bright white lights from the beyond right through the eyes
  • Versatile Graveyard: Lawn stakes are great and give Halloween enthusiasts the ability to place them on the patio, front lawn, or even the backyard - the choice is yours
  • Effortlessly Enjoyable: All that’s required to power these Halloween graveyard decorations are 3 AA Batteries
  • Spook & Store: The Zombie Lawn Butler represents holiday decor that lasts for more than just one season of fun
  • Unit Size and Unit Weight: 15.75*12.6*9.45[inch] , 3.15[lbs]